My DIY pom pom…(from DECO pom poms)

Good morning!
What a lovely day to be traveling… (I hate traveling in the rain with loads of luggage, it puts me in a bad mood) Anyway, before I dash off to catch my train to London Paddington, followed by an express train to Heathrow airport followed by a big plane  to Dubai and a taxi ride home (I’m tired already) I thought I’d share my little guide to making a pom pom. I am sort of cheating because I bought them from www.decorpompoms.co.uk but this has inspired me to make my own from scratch when I’m back in Dubai. I promise 🙂 So if you do live in the UK and fancy using pom poms at your wedding or hen party then check them out online. 🙂
Ok here we go…
Step 1. Take the pom pom and hold by the wire in the middle and fan out the sides.

Step 2. Choose one side and very carefully peel back the layers . You need to be very gently as the paper is thin and a bit fragile.

Step 3. Repeat this until all of the layers are spread out and you have a full side and the pom pom looks like this….

Step 4. Repeat on the other side and then add the string to tie the pom pom and hang somewhere pretty.

Simple and lovely… 🙂
Have a lovely day and I’ll be checking in tomorrow…
Love & hugs,
Joelle xx

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