My first bride-to-be feature… ♥ Fiona ♥

Fiona Walker and Mark Darby are one of those couples that look like they really are in love, it’s like they are so happy they have this continuous beaming smile. They have this warmth and kindness for each other that is just so lovely, you can really tell that they are absolutely head over heels in love…♥
So the big wedding day is set for 27th October at The Park Hyatt in Dubai. I must applause them on their very good choice of venue, it’s one of my favorite hotels in Dubai and looks beautiful at night. I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing wedding.

So the details we love…
How did Mark propose?  I had been traveling in Africa for three months and Mark came out to meet me for a week (to make sure I came home!). He booked the most incredible week of luxury, safaris and romance. On about the 4th night in Botswana, we had had a particularly romantic, honest, fun night and when we came back to our private lodge, we stood out on the terrace and looked out to the lagoon for ages just cuddling. There were dragonflies all over the water and in the sky the starts were as bright as could be. We snuggled into bed fully clothed to protect us from the inescapable mosquitoes and listened to the noise of the animals rustling around right outside our door.  It was then that Mark asked me to marry him. I, of course said yes. It was the best yes I have ever said.
What’s your vision for the day?  Quirky, relaxed and fun
The planning process…. We didn’t want to start planning straight away. It was nice to just enjoy being engaged for a while and settle into that first. It’s been a bit stop start, we get really into things and then stop for a few months. There is a lot to think about but luckily we have had lots of time for planning between the proposal and the set date for the wedding. We didn’t want to start planning straight away. It was nice to just enjoy being engaged for a while and settle into that first.

And the budget….  We’ve been saving since June last year so we are on track for budgets. But everything costs more than you think it will in the end!
Your dress &  accessories….. I bought the dress last year while I was home for my sister’s wedding. It’s being made now and I go back to pick it up in August. I can’t wait to try it on! I have no other accessories at all yet! So far all I am wearing on the day is the dress and that’s it! Must get organized!
Finding your dress… This was a really fun process. I went with my sister to the final fitting of her wedding dress. And she had made an appointment for me to try on some dresses while we were there. I was skeptical at first as I didn’t know what I was looking for but very quickly got into it and tried on 10 dresses. I knew almost straight away when I put “the one” on. I took my mum, both sisters, auntie and cousin (5 of the most important women in my life who I absolutely could not survive without) along to the shop the next day to show them the dress I loved. They burst into tears when I came out of the dressing room. That confirmed the decision for me!
The grooms threads… Kilt! Hopefully! He’s keeping it all very secret form me! Much like I am with my dress!

I know… you’re probably going awwwww… (I know I am) But before I sign off I thought I’d leave you with a sneak peak of their amazing stationery… how cool are these invitations? (Don’t be jealous but apparently mine is in the post) Yay for me! Oh and LOVE the colour scheme guys!

Save the date and invitation designed by… Graham Taylor. Check out his website for more of his talented designs 😉
P.S I’ll be updating you with more from Fiona’s wedding plans next month… flowers, decor and lots more folks.  🙂 xx

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