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My first ever blog

Well, this is my first blog EVER and to be honest I’m rather excited, it’s finally going live and I’m no longer writing to myself, I’ll have an audience! I’ve spent the past few weeks putting my website together with the help of my very talented sister Nicole. So here’s a bit about me, my name is Joelle, I’m 26 years old and I’m engaged to marry my wonderful fiancé Nathan.
We met about a year and a half ago through a mutual friend. In fact Nathan met my whole family on the same evening I met him, we had dinner with my family, and I mean family which includes my dad, step mother, auntie, uncle, brother, two cousins and my cousin’s girlfriend and a bunch of friends who Nathan didn’t know.
Luckily for me he walked in and I managed to grab a seat next to him. We spent the next 4 hours talking and before I knew it my dad was shaking his hand and giving me a sneaky smile. I took this as a very good sign that the entire family had already approved. So to cut a long story short 13 months later, he proposed and I said yes. We’ve now been engaged for 5 months and I only have 8 months until we say ‘I do’. I must admit i’m very excited and it’s also the reason why I’ve started this blog.
After doing months of research I’ve realized there are no wedding bloggers in Dubai, or any other wedding websites to help you plan your day, well none that took my fancy any way. So I’m taking it on and giving it a go to become Dubai’s first wedding blogger.
I almost feel like it was something I just had to do, my mum says I’m a born romantic and I think she is right. A few years ago I got my first full time job in Dubai working for a fantastic company called Contempo Events Design. I was thrown in at the deep end and got to work on some amazing events. I spent just over a year with Contempo before moving into the fashion industry. I completed fashion promotion bachelor’s degree at the University of Creative Arts in Kent and did pretty well; I got a 1st class degree and got placed in the top 3 students in the UK for the design and media award in 2008. I’ve always been a creative person, my secret hobby is scrap-booking and I love photography. I didn’t realize how much i missed the events industry until I started planning my own wedding.
So here I am planning my wedding and writing my blog. I hope I will inspire you and entertain you along the way. I’ll be updating you with my plans, ideas and thoughts… but for now have a lovely day!
Love Joelle
P.S Let me know what you think so far, your feedback would be super!

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