My List on my List…

Bit of a catchy title huh? lol.. sorry I couldn’t help myself.
So every few days I’ve been logging into My List to add items to our wedding gift list. As I mentioned before it’s like shopping without spending a Dirham, so it’s guilt free 😉 I also love going on their website just to see the big My Lovely Wedding logo. Yay for me!
It really is so easy to use and you will find yourself browsing through the different sections and wasting a good 30 minutes every time you log in.
At the moment Nathan and I only want items for our home, mainly really good kitchen accessories and good cutlery. Like most people we started off with Ikea and now we’d like something that will last more than a few years. It’s also a great way to get items that you really want, but probably wouldn’t buy yourself as they are not really necessary, do you know what I mean?
For example I’ve just added this cool sugar dispenser, water jug and an ice scoop… because you definitely need one of these at house parties. 😉 It’s the little things that you might not normally buy yourself, but you’ve always wanted. I mean, do we really need a sugar dispenser? Not really, it just looks awesome.

You get the idea… 😉
Anyway, check out more of their products.. they even have baby items on there too. (We don’t need this yet… ;-)) hehe! – go on, have a little look! xx

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