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My love for VOGUE

As I was drinking a cup of tea and having a browse through my current issue of Vogue I suddenly realised that I had quite the collection. (I’m using my extra hours in the afternoon throughout Ramadan to catch up on some reading) 😉
When I was about 14 I started investing my pocket money in Vogue, I’d buy the odd issue and browse over it again and again. Fast forward through Art College and 3 years at university studying fashion promotion and I’m proud to say I have a pretty hefty collection of fashion magazines. For some odd reason I rarely read the articles but I see the pictures as little pieces of history. I have a true love for fashion; I appreciate every element that goes into making that one magical photo. The photographer, the stylist, the art director, the model.. etc. etc. How one wears an outfit in a picture and how we would wear the same outfit in day to day life is always going to a little different, that’s how we make it our own right?  Gosh I could go on for hours but I won’t, this is a wedding blog after all 😉 But before I sign off I’d like to take a moment to thank Vogue, and also Harper’s Bazaar, POP, i-D and all of the other fashion magazines I’ve collected over the years. Without being inspired by the creative one can only go so far… Vogue – thank you.

so I’m wondering, does anyone else have a huge collection of vogue, or bridal magazines or anything similar? I would love to know what inspires you and why….
Love Joelle x
P.S The majority of my collection is stacked away in my grandmother’s attic, my mother’s garden shed (safely stored of course) and I’m sure there are a few at the back of my wardrobe too.

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