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My lovely afternoon tea party ♥

As we get closer to the 4th January, my mind continues to focus on my own wedding. It’s bazaar how one can become stressed over night. I’ll go into more detail in my update tomorrow. Lets just say, this bride.. (me) had her first melt down, and it wasn’t pretty.
Anyway, on a more joyful note. Did I tell you that instead of afternoon canapes, we are having afternoon tea and our cake cutting before the ceremony?? I’m rather excited for this and it’s going to be something different. I don’t know anyone who’s had cake before dinner? It’s kinda quirky though right? The idea came about because I wanted people to enjoy the wedding cake, but I still wanted to have desert. (Yes, I’m a rather greedy bride… hehe)
I can’t wait for people to dig into some yummy wedding cake and a fruity cocktail. I’m going to post my inspiration for my own wedding cake later this week, it might give you a better idea of what it will be like. Also, check out my last update which mentions crates and how I want my cake displayed… (*click here*) Oh, and I’m collecting the crates today. Yikes… so excited. I’m not sure how they will all fit in my car lol.
But for now… I’m going to leave you hungry just before lunch ♥

Credits; Scones w/ jam and cream; goodmorningandgoodnight.com Afternoon tea set up;nadinescakes.blogspot.com  Tea pot and cups outside; curatedstyle.tumblr.com Modern stand w/ tea; iheartkatiecakes.blogspot.co.uk Macaroons w/ tea cups;neithersnow.squarespace.com  Macaroons; tumblr.com Scones w/ bunting;rocknrollbride.com 
See… who wouldn’t love afternoon tea with cake??? 😉

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