My Lovely Photo Booth… Part 1

On the 4th January I got married to Nathan, most of you will know this as you follow my blog, but for those of you who have just discovered My Lovely Wedding, this really was My Lovely Wedding.
At the moment photo booths are very popular for weddings, they are somewhat a crazy trend that most brides must have now… and of course I had to have one. Lenny Muthiah, my photographer spent a few hours with my wedding guests creating these very silly faces in his very pop up photo booth.
Photos taken by Lenny Muthiah Photography

How funny is the photo above? This is my Step Dad Ian having some fun with my props bucket… he really is hilarious!
Massive thanks to Lenny for capturing this all on film, and for my lovely wedding guests for being so good looking. They really are a bunch of good looking people!!
Part 2 coming soon x x x
* Lip, mustache and other wooden stick props were bought from www.thehappywedding.co.uk but Creative Box in Dubai can custom make similar style props.
*Bucket is my own and vintage bowler hat is my Grandads from the 1950s.. amazing right!
*Other props are from Lenny Muthiah.

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