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My lovely wedding bouquet ♥

Hello lovely readers…
I have a quick update for you. I’m finally meeting Olivier Dolz this coming Sunday to go over the final details for my wedding decor. Lets just say, I’m super excited. I heart details. While I was going through my list of decor items and flowers it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t thought about my flower bouquet. Well, of course I’d thought about it but not really in detail. So, I had a browse online and this is what I found.

This first bouquet could be perfect, it’s so fresh and I love the touches of green. This picture gets a tick…

Credits; girl with bouquet; ruffledblog.com, White bouquet next to letters; stylemepretty.com White flowers with gold base; google.com Bridesmaids w/ tulips; heartloveweddings.com  2 bouquets white & green bouquet w/ white lace base; greenweddingshoes.com 4 small bouquet images; google.com Last image – bouquet on the ground;  ruffledblog.com
So, as you can see I’m going for white with a little green touch. I don’t want anything too complicated or big. ♥  I really can’t wait to update you next week… oh, and if anyone is keeping track I only have 49 days until the big day. Yikes!
Back tomorrow… mwah xx

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