My new hair by Alexandre Zouari.

Last Thursday I was invited to meet the fabulous Alexandre Zouari, a celebrity hair dresser from Paris. To be honest I hadn’t really dressed for the occasion, and felt a little embarrassed rocking up in a pair of converse and a bird print t-shirt. Anyway, I was greeted by smiling staff and friendly faces, and after a few minutes Alexandre Zouari appeared and we got started. Alexandra is one of those sophisticated men that slightly intimidate you, with his gorgeous flowing hair and his deep bronzed tan.. he really did look like a’ celebrity hair stylist’.
Alexandre ZouraiI was expecting a free wash and blow dry, but no… he decided my hair needed a complete new colour and cut. My exact words to him were “I trust you, you’re the pro.. I’ll leave it to you”. To be honest I’ve never said that to anyone. Before this experience, going to the hair dressers was like going to the dentist. I’ve never really walked out thinking… wow I love my hair. This was a first experience for me.
My hair
I was treated to a low fat latte, followed by a mini dessert tray and then I topped it off with 2 glasses of Moet. I was there for 3 hours, and I didn’t really want to leave. It was a really fun afternoon, and the staff were so lovely. I will¬†definitely be going back again and bringing my friends. I think I can now say I’ve found my regular hair salon… it only took me four years.
Overall I had a wonderful day and even left with a goodie bag. I love being press…
If you would like to book an appointment at The One&Only Royal Mirage please call 04 399 9999 extension 2140 or check out the brochure for details and pricing ‘Zouari Brochure’¬†
Have a lovely Wednesday everyone xx

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