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My passport says I'm officially a 'Mrs'…

Hello my lovelies,
It’s Monday and I’m still jet lagged, and a little tired. Go away jet lag, I’m too busy for you!  Yes, I’m a very busy bee this week with people to meet, blogs to write and lots and lots to do. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Anyway… must carry on!
So the main reason I went back to the UK, other than seeing my Mum, was to change my name in my passport. It seemed to be much easier than sending it back by courier and waiting for 6 weeks for it to be returned by DHL.
So, I booked my appointment in London last Friday at the Identity and passport office near Victoria train station.  I was told on the phone it would take about 20 minutes, and they were right, well just about. The whole process of going through security, waiting for your number to be called, and then actually seeing the person behind the counter actually took about 25 minutes. I was expecting it to take much longer, as these things normally do. Unfortunately for me I had to retake my passport photos as my fringe was too long and covering my eyebrows, and my head was slightly tilted. I suspect the man behind the counter was just being too fussy, and wanted to annoy me.  Grrrr! I then had to wait in line again and submit the correct photos, this added at least another 20 minutes to the whole experience. I paid GBP 128, and was asked to return 4 hours later to collect my new passport.

When I collected my shiny new passport and saw my new name, I instantly got butterflies, it was like everything was confirmed and I was officially a ‘Mrs’. Nathan found my excitement quite amusing.
So this whole process got me thinking, would you change your name after marriage? I know a few people who haven’t, and are quite happy to continue married life with their own family surname. Maybe I’m just traditional, but I think changing your surname after your married gives you a ‘marriage identity’, it shows people that you’re married and you are in fact a family, even if it’s just a family of 2…. for now 😉
I would love to hear your views, so if you feel like writing in please do. I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at joelle@mylovelywedding.com
And for those who hold a British Passport and are going change your name here’s some advice…
If you’re sending it with DHL… 

  • You will need to send your current passport, marriage certificate and 2 passport photos.
  • Make a photo copy of your marriage certificate just in case it goes missing.
  • Make sure your photos are up to the passport standard – no fringe in your eyes or a tilted head 😉 
  • Make sure you fill out all the correct forms with your new name and signature (I signed with my old signature first without thinking. ooops!)

Check out https://www.gov.uk/overseas-passports/y/united-arab-emirates/renewing_new/adult for all the details.
If you’re going to the UK and you’re going to change your passport there you can check out  https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/identity-and-passport-service it’s pretty easy to follow.
Also, make sure you get your old passport back, especially if you’re flying with your previous surname. The airline will need to see both passports and your marriage certificate. Oh, and I’m assuming your visa will be in it too. Next step is my Emirates ID, banks and my driving license… ahhh wish me luck!
Back later my lovelies… x x

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