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My shabby chic handmade signs…♥

Hello my lovelies,
Today I’m showing you exactly what I did to make my own signage for my wedding day. If you’re getting married in Dubai, you’re more than likely getting married in a hotel and therefore you’re signage will be provided. It’s usually something printed out and placed on a stand. It’s fine, and there is nothing wrong with it but if you fancy being a bit more creative then maybe this will inspire you….
Step 1. I thought about what I wanted and decided that the shabby chic style signs made from wood were just my thing. So I drove to Ace Hardware and picked out my wood. They have a timber cutting area so they can cut to size there and then, and there is no extra charge.  FYI the only Ace branch to do this is in Festival City. It’s massive and it’s awesome.

Step 2. Once home I then got started on painting my wood panels white, but I didn’t want a thick layer so I used a cloth to give a smooth and thin white finish. I think I did 2 coats on some of them as it was very faint. It really depends on what you want. I did get rather messy though. FYI don’t do this after a manicure.. total waste of money lol.

Step 3. Once my panels had dried I used a small brush to paint my text. As you can see it’s quite thick and dark, and stands out from the white. Between you and I, I actually used an old make up brush as it was the perfect size.

Step 4.  After leaving the panels to  dry I then used sand paper to go over the whole thing to give it a more ‘used’ look. Sort of my take on ‘shabby chic’.

OK, so I’ve decided not to show you the final product until the big day, but you get the idea and once they are on sticks and standing between tress they will look more effective. (I hope) Oh, and Nathan’s job is to put the signs together, I’m just the decorator. I may need to do another blog to show you how to do that… I’ll keep you posted 😉
Back later today with some ‘shabby chic’ and ‘vintage’ wedding inspiration. It’s my fav kind of inspiration. Love!

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