My sneak preview at BRIDE Abu Dhabi 2013

With only just over a week until this years BRIDE show, I went to Abu Dhabi to meet some of the people behind the show, and find out what to expect this year. I love my job!
As I arrived at the media event I wasn’t  surprised to find myself being the first media person there. Being 10 minutes early didn’t make me look very cool, but at least I wasn’t late. I have a habit of being early for everything, maybe I’m not very cool? 😉

The event was held at a private villa at the Shangri-La hotel in Abu Dhabi, and to my amazement I didn’t get lost, well part from going over the bridge and back again but at least I knew where I meant to be.  If you drive to Abu Dhabi you’ll know what I’m talking about. The Arabic style villa is what you would expect to find in a 5 star hotel, and of course there was a nice display of beverages and nibbles at the entrance. I helped myself to an orange juice and took a seat next to the table of colourful and rather delightful looking favors.
The colouful favors by Conti Confetteria
I found myself talking to an Italian girl called Olivia, she translated every word to the owner of Conti Confetteria, a fabulous brand from Milan who are soon to be launching a shop in Dubai Marina Mall. More details coming soon!
After a wonder around the villa exploring the beauty area, and helping myself to another glass of orange juice, we were greeted with the presence of several models wearing wedding dresses. They were your usual glamorous dresses with full shirts and added glitz. Apart from one, this dress was the most creative and daring wedding dress I’ve ever seen, and it was designed by Emariti designer Mona Al Mansouri (Dar Al Mansoury). More from this designer coming next week!
It really is amazing isn’t it? And I bet you can’t guess where she got her inspiration?
One of the newcomers at this years show is ESPOSA, a new multi brand boutique store that’s just opened in Jumeriah, Dubai. If you’re looking for designer names then this bridal boutique is for you! But for now, before I babble on too much, here’s my roundup of what to look out for at this years BRIDE Show in Abu Dhabi…
* For wedding favors and gifts check out  Conti Confetteria
* ESPOSA, the new multi brand boutique who sell some of the top names in bridal such as Monique Ihuillier  and Oscar de la Renta.
* Also check out Beyond Beauty Arabia – the new beauty show!
I will be back with more from BRIDE next week! Oh, if you need tickets just go online to register… www.thebrideshow.com
Top photo by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding & others from BRIDE photographer.
P.S I also got a 15 minute massage from one of the girls at Luxury Elements spa, which was amazing! (Check me out in the black jumper looking relaxed)  If you’re in Abu Dhabi check them out or visit them at Beyond Beauty Arabia, which will be running alongside BRIDE for the first time this year.
Back tomorrow my lovelies…
Joelle x x


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