My very lovely ImPress nails ♥

Last week my new friends Dee & Dal kindly gave me a pack of Broadway Nails by Kiss USA.  False nails have never been something that excites me, but after wearing my bright pink kiss nails for a week, I’m now converted. They would be the perfect extra for a long honeymoon or holiday, because really… your wedding manicure isn’t going to last more than 2 weeks.
The packet said it would only take ‘minutes’ to apply the nails, so I thought i’d time myself. I started the clock from the very start, even before I read the instructions, placed all the nails in a row and applied them to my real nails.
The application took about 3 minutes, it really was so easy. I like having shorter nails, so for me they were perfect. Pink is also my favorite nail colour, which is odd as I’m not a ‘pink’ girlie girl. Anyway… I’m impressed with my imPress nails… he he he.

All images by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding. ♥
Oh, and if you fancy getting yourself some check out Dee & Dals latest competition. You can WIN AED 1500 worth of Kiss goodies! Amazing!!! http://www.makeupbydeendal.com/competitions.html
Back later my lovelies x

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