My vintage finds in Tokyo…

Hello my lovelies… how are we all today? I hope everyone is having a super weekend? Well, my trip is nearly over and we fly back to Dubai this evening. I’m sad that it’s over but very excited to see Charlie… missed her like crazy. I’ve been tempted to buy her some funky doggie outfits but Nathan doesn’t approve…. booo hooo to him. I still have a few hours so I’m going to try and work my magic.
So, for those of you who haven’t experienced shopping in Tokyo… OMG it’s amazing. I can honestly say it is just my thing, from the main shopping high street you’ll find little back streets filled with vintage and 2nd hand stores and the atmosphere chilled, laid back and very cool. By around 6pm the streets around Harajuku became a fashion catwalk, the style and creative flare these girls and boys have is just so inspiring. I also saw a few of the ‘Harajuku girls’, wondering around, one girl was wearing about 10 shades of pink, carrying a teddy bear rucksack, wearing sky high shoes and had the most amazing hair. I had style envy (for about 5 minutes).
So before I ran out of time in my room (we are checking out in about 15 minutes and I still haven’t packed… eeeek) I wanted to share some of my vintage finds… oh and please note that I didn’t pay more than AED 150 per item…. skills 😉

4 dresses, 3 shirts, 1 cute bow hair clip and 1 love necklace xxx

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