My wedding cool down…

So it’s about 40c in Dubai and between you and I I’m totally over this heat. I’m looking forward to the weather cooling down, the humidity to disappear and for a walk down the marina to be enjoyable again. (It’s rather unpleasant walking my dog in this humidity 3 times a day.)
The summer wedding season is in full swing across the UK (Thanks to Facebook I’m fully updated on lots of British summer weddings) and it got me thinking about the weather and how my international guests might feel the heat a little more than I will on my wedding day. (Most of them are flying in from the UK, Canada, Australia and Sri Lanka. Ok I guess Sri Lanka doesn’t count lol)
Here in Dubai we are lucky, from October the weather cools down, the sun is still shining and we are almost guaranteed no rain, ok maybe the occasional sand storm but that’s nothing we can’t handle. If I didn’t mention before I’m getting married outside, on the beautiful grounds of The Address Montgomerie at 3pm in the afternoon. I’m hoping the weather will be almost perfect, early 20’s and sunshine all day. Then I started browsing around Pinertest as I do on a daily basis and thought about summer treats and ice cream popped up. I love ice cream, it’s amazing. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. I’m not joking. I actually think about ice cream a lot… I’m like a serious fan.

So anyway, what do you think of afternoon treat to cool you down? Something delicious to help you and your wedding guests beat the heat in the tastiest way possible?  I actually love this idea and am now seriously thinking about featuring ice cream at my own wedding.  ♥Love ♥

OMG how good does that look? I heart sprinkles! Or maybe something cooler like an ice lolly?
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P.S I’m off to Baskin Robins now 😉

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