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My wedding music dilemma…

OK I’m having a music dilemma and probably shouldn’t be right now as I still have 4 month until my big day, but as it’s on my mind so I thought I’d share.
My friend Rachel got married in May of this year. *see her wedding here*  I remember her telling me nearly a year before the wedding that she already had her wedding music sorted. The music was already picked  for her walk down the aisle and even the first dance, followed by a number of favorite tunes to be played on the evening. I envy her because for some odd reason Nathan and I can’t find a wedding song. We have spent the past week continuously  listening to every album we own, but yet we still have no idea what to choose. I somehow feel like this should be one of the easiest parts because its personal, every couple has a song right? Well the songs that  we love and we class as ‘our songs’ aren’t really wedding friendly. I don’t think Blink 182 and Young The Giant are suitable bands for our first dance. Lol.
I even spent a good hour on YouTube yesterday researching wedding songs and found myself singing out loud to my dog Charlie. I was alone in the house, it was one of those moments that you’re not really proud of but who cares? You’re alone and no one can judge? Well actually Charlie sort of looked at me with her big browns eyes, it was obvious she was slightly confused, or curious to what I was doing. She then left the room. Lol. If you check out the video I’m referring to you’ll see why it was so easy to start singing along…it includes lyrics! Despite my efforts I still couldn’t find anything suitable. The problem is Nathan and I are not really into the classic cheesy love tunes… we’re not really a soppy kinda couple if you know what I mean. Blahhhhh :s
So, if anyone is going through the same thing or maybe you have a few ideas for me then please get in touch…
I need your help!!!!
Over & out…
Joelle xx

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