My weekend in Istanbul ♥

The weekend before last Nathan and I flew to Istanbul for a a few days. We met Nathan’s parents there for the weekend. OK, they didn’t fly all the way from Canada to Turkey just for the weekend, but we did.  My new in laws enjoyed a weekend with us wondering the streets of this busy and vibrant city. It was my 2nd time in Istanbul and I loved it been more than the first.
Check out my iphone photos… great view huh!

I had no idea the city was so big, and so trendy. We did the usual tourist spots, like the Grand Bazaar, but my favorite part of Istanbul was discovering a neighborhood called Cihangir. We also found ourselves walking through the local market, which was full of almost everything you could ever imagine. From toys, to pots and pans, to chains and guns. It was random! Scroll down for some of my colourful photos.

We stayed at The Witt Hotel in Cihangir , which was at the top of a hill, which at the time was a little annoying but it didn’t do my thighs any harm 😉 just a few minutes away from our hotel we were faced with rustic streets, chic cafes and lots of trendy couples. Cihangir’s streets  where old, full of character and around every corner I found an eclectic mix of antique shops, and local Turkish designers.  It was very cool, and I picked up some gorgeous accessories. I would definitely go back.

I won’t babble on too much about my trip but I would suggest you go to the follow places if you’re going to Istanbul any time soon..
Reina – for a good night out 😉

Lucca – just because it’s a very cool hangout and a rather trendy hot spot for the locals.

Cihangir area – because the shops are cool and all the hills will give you some good exercise.
Holy cafe in Cihangir – because we had the best apple cake I’ve ever had in my life, and the coffee is good too.

And of course don’t forget the Grand Bazaar and the usual touristy spots… 🙂

All images by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding.
Back tomorrow with more wedding loveliness 🙂 x

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