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My Winter Honeymoon Part 1 ♥

Hello hello…
It’s Thursday… can you believe it? This week has flown by! So, I’m finally sharing some of our honeymoon photos with you, which I hope you will all enjoy.
We left Dubai on the 7th January and flew with Emirates to Geneva, Switzerland and we upgraded with Nathan’s points so we flew business class, which is amazing. I’ve flown business a few times with Nathan (only because he upgrades with points) and I totally love it, and this time was even better as we had our photo taken by one of the crew members and everyone signed it. They all knew we were on our honeymoon! Awhhhh!

We had 1 night in Geneva and then took the train to Zermatt. The train took just over 3 hours with one change which wasn’t too bad. When we left Geneva we didn’t see much snow, but as we climbed the mountains and got closer to Zermatt it got whiter and whiter.

We spent 5 nights at The Backstage Hotel in Zermatt. The hotel is designed by a famous artist called Heinz Julen, he’s quite well known in Europe for his creative talents. It was gorgeous, and so chic, you could tell it had been designed by an artist.
They don’t allow cars in the town so everyone is walking or skiing around the town. It’s very cute.  (The picture is of the view from the lobby/dinning area at the hotel)

I had my first proper ski lesson which was fun, but at times it was rather annoying seeing 4 year olds kids zoom past me on the ‘learners’ slope. But I soon got over it and tried my best not to fall over. After a few hours and a lunch break I was half way there 🙂

Apart from walking in the snow, dining in yummy restaurants and sleeping 10 hours a night and going sledging, we really didn’t do much. It was pure bliss! I’m pretty sure that’s what honeymoons are meant to be like, relaxing, eating and taking it easy after a year of organising! By the way… how cool does Nathan look with a sledge? 🙂

The only thing I am going to miss now that we are back in Dubai are my winter boots, they are awesome and if it were 20c cooler I’d be wearing them now!
Back with part 2 of our winter honeymoon very soon. xx

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