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MyList ♥ 1st online gift registry *UAE*

Big warm welcome to My List, which is the first online multi-brand gift registry in the UAE.
As a bride-to-be I had started thinking about what we would like to receive as wedding gifts. It’s one of those awkward topics that most brides don’t really want to talk about, but secretly love. I know lots of people who have asked for donations towards a honeymoon, which is awesome and it’s nice because you can donate as much as you like or as little as you like. After discovering My List, we knew this was exactly what we wanted as it’s stress free, super easy and it’s online. Most of our guests are flying in from all over the world and I can’t imagine they want the hassle of going to a mall to pick up a gift as soon as they land, or carrying the extra weight in there suitcase! ♥

(check out My Lovely Wedding on the front page… how awesome is that?!)
So, last week Julie and I (one of the two women behind My List) met up at More Cafe at Dubai Mall, it’s becoming quite a meeting place for me and they have free wifi. 😉 Julie took me through the website and how it works, she also told me that if you don’t want an item that you originally chose then you can swap and change your list as much as you like. It seriously is so easy and actually a lot of fun. I’ve been testing it out and slowly adding items to our wedding gift list. (Nathan my fiance has yet to confirm lol)
Here’s the basic info that you need to know… oh, and if you do sign up make sure you check the products out regularly because they are constantly adding new items. I love online shopping… especially this kind 😉
MyList is a unique concept in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) : the first online multi-store gift registry.
MyList is a free service which offers you the possibility to create as many wish list as you want for any kind of occasion, such as Birth, Wedding, Baby Shower, Eid, Christening, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Farewell Party…
As soon as you create one wish list with MyList, it gives you access to multiple partner stores and partner brands everywhere in the UAE. Our brand panel is extensive, from very well-known brands, to new and exciting brands that we would like you to discover.
You can create your registry online at any time, day or night. If you would like some advice, we offer you a free appointment with one of our team members. You will manage your list online, and can be helped by our customer service.
MyList makes sure that you can inform your guests about your new list and how to use it. It is our priority to make sure our website is easy to access, and to use (picture, price and quantity are mentioned).
You can either create a list for yourself, or for someone else. Provided that the gifts haven’t already been bought in stores, you can change the gifts and/or the quantities you have requested at any time.
For more information please visit…. www.mylist.ae or drop Julie an email contact@mylist.ae ♥

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