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Nathan + Adeline – Photography by Chloe Lodge

A few months back Chloe Lodge took some photos of Adeline and I together at home. (You can see them here) It was nothing fancy. I didn’t have my hair and makeup done, nor did we really plan for anything in particular. It was very casual and at that time I thought to myself, Nathan might like this… he wouldn’t have to pose and he can wear jeans, at home. Roll on a few weeks later and I received my photos from Chloe. I was over the moon. I loved every single image, despite feeling a bit chubby and not quite my post baby self, but it didn’t matter because Adeline and I were for once in the same photo. (I have literally 1000s of photos of her, and maybe a few crap selfies of us together so it was amazing to have these to keep forever. After seeing the photos I knew Nathan was a little envious, so I decided to gift him a ‘Daddy + Adeline’ shoot for his birthday. And a few weeks later when the Christmas tree was up, Chloe came round with her big fancy camera and took these beautiful images.. I can’t wait to frame them.
chloelodge_nathan-adeline_3chloelodge_nathan-adeline_4chloelodge_nathan-adeline_8chloelodge_nathan-adeline_15chloelodge_nathan-adeline_9 chloelodge_nathan-adeline_16chloelodge_nathan-adeline_13 chloelodge_nathan-adeline_35chloelodge_nathan-adeline_40chloelodge_nathan-adeline_30chloelodge_nathan-adeline_23chloelodge_nathan-adeline_20chloelodge_nathan-adeline_18chloelodge_nathan-adeline_19chloelodge_nathan-adeline_52 chloelodge_nathan-adeline_51chloelodge_nathan-adeline_56Oh and yeah I jumped in for a few pictures, but I wasn’t the only one. Charlie and Ferguson also got involved… we are a family of 5 🙂
A little note to Chloe – Thank you so so much for taking such amazing photos of my family. There is nothing greater than a beautiful photo of the ones you love.
Website: http://www.chloelodge.com

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