Nursery Decor – A new obsession.

OK so now that I’m a mummy-to-be, and I’m entering a whole new world of babies, nurseries and interest searches. I have discovered I not only love wedding decor, but nursery decor too. Who knew there was so much choice out there for babies. In the old days it was blue for a boy, and pink for a girl. Oh no, how wrong how things have changed! I feel like there are hundreds of mumtrepreneurs who saw a gap in the market for stylish, creative nursery decor, soft toys and clothes and decided to make it so much easier for mums-to-be like myself to go over the top and baby crazy. Luckily I decided on a nursery theme very early on. In fact it was all based on one outfit I bought from Mamas & Papas last October. An all in one body suit with a little peach and gold spotted bow on the front. It was so simple and so cute. It was the first thing I bought and I knew this would be her going home outfit. It was this little outfit that inspired me to go with a peach and gold theme for our nursery corner.
Most of the items I bought here in Dubai but some of the smaller items such as the prints, light box, soft toys and table top accessories I bought online. So because I’m now slightly obsessed with baby blogs and online baby stores I thought I’d round up a few for you today. For anyone not at this baby stage yet, then you can come back to this later… or pass it onto fellow mummy-to-bes. 🙂
Websites I love… -I love this website! If shipping wasn’t such a pain I would of gone wild with the credit card! – Another cool website for baby decor. – My ultimate favourite for new born clothes and soft toys. If you’re fan of grey and white then you will love this! – For cool, trendy modern mums who love black and white.
nursery decor - websites I love – A UAE based website with some gorgeous decor items and baby must-haves. – If you’re a lover of natural organic wood toys and accessories then you will love this. Hand crafted and made with love. Get your credit cards ready folks! – For a mix of cute, handcrafted toys and clothes… Not on the High Street is a great website for brides and mums-to-be.
nursery decor - websites I love
Next week the lovely Maria Sundin is coming over to captured my nursery decor on camera. I’ll also be posing with my big bump for a few shots. I know, better late than never, and to be honest at 36 weeks pregnant I’m not looking my best… oh well, who cares I’m pregnant! LOL!

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