NYC, Toronto & a town called Blind River ♥

Afternoon lovelies…
I hope you’re all having a nice day? Can you believe we are in September now? I have no idea where the year has gone lol. I guess time flies when you’re having fun.. or just really busy?
So, I’ve put together a few of my holiday snaps to share with you, just because I love NYC so much, and once again I fell a little bit more in love with Canada.
Nathan and I planned to go to Washington DC for a retirement party, and then spend the weekend in New York, however since we were flying all that way we decided to make it into one big trip and go and see the family in Canada at the same time. We were away for 10 days, and thinking about it, we did sooo much in such little time. We spent three days in New York, eating, walking, eating pizza, walking, shopping and a little bit more eating. The food in New York is amazing!!
Joelle & Nathan's holiday photos - Aug 2013 Slide02
This is one big pizza pie (That’s what the New Yorkers call it… it’s rather confusing for a British girl, who’s always thought of a pie with pastry crust and a fruity filling) – It was so good, but between 2 of us we couldn’t finish it. #fail
Here is one of my husband looking rather dashing in a bow tie…
After 3 days in NYC we flew to Toronto to see Nathan’s sister Jen and her family. We watched our niece Taeya horse ride, we fooled around with their big black fluffy dogs and had a good old catch up. It was fun. Slide10Slide09
We also went to see Nathan’s best man Chad, and his wife Nikki who had just had a baby boy. Little Eliot was only 12 days old when we met him, and he is a real cutie. It was love at first sight.
And in true Canadian style, we squeezed in a trip to the best poutine shop ever. Seriously… whoever invented chips covered with cheese curds and then drizzled with gravy is a genious. #amazing! #Iamhungry

Slide11 After munching down a whole portion of poutine to myself,  we then drove 6 hours north of Toronto to a small town called Blind River. We passed 1 Starbucks and about 6 Tim Hortons. It always amazes me how loyal the Canadians are to Tim Hortons. It’s kinda cool. Anyway, 6 hours of boredom and we finally arrived at Wendy’s house (Nathan’s 2nd sister) It was awesome to see our nieces Cassie & Mya. I’m sure they will probably read this, so… hello girls!!!
Our last few days in Canada were really fun. We went jet skiing, the girls swam in a lake, I got bitten by about 50 mosquitoes and I also experienced some rather warm Canadian weather. I also got pampered by Cassie & Mya. They curled my hair and gave me a maincure. I went home with pink sparkley nails. 🙂 (I’m like a grownup doll for them lol)
Slide13 Slide14 Slide15 Slide16My husband showing off on the jet ski… and the photo below is of me and the girls! They are such cuties ♥
Slide17All images from Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding. (And taken with an iphone :))
Back tomorrow with something wedding related xx

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