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Orange Beauty Spa – Get pampered @ home ♥

Good afternoon pretty ladies..
How are we all today? Hmmm It’s Wednesday already… how did that happen? Is it me or are the weeks going faster this year? Sorry for the late post, I’m not feeling too well this morning so stayed in bed. 🙁 I’m hoping my thumping head will pass soon.
Anyway, with the weekend approaching I thought I’d tell you all about Orange Beauty Spa. I’m assuming you like getting your nails done, having the odd facial, or treating yourself to a relaxing massage? Yes, I thought so.
Well Orange Beauty Spa are a little different to your normal beauty salon or spa because they are all about the home visits. Yep, they come to you… So there is no need to leave the house, jump in your car and face the walk of doom… you know the bit where you walk from your car to the air conditioning. It’s 35c today, and it’s hot… and it will only get hotter.

So what better what to beat the heat by getting pampered at home? There prices are really reasonable, and for home visits some might expect them to be a bit more expensive, but they’re not. Have a browse on the website.. they have a full list of prices online.
The one thing that constantly goes through my head every time I have my nails done at home is… ‘Ohhh this would be amazing with 10 girls, a bottle of bubbles and a bride-to-be‘. This really would be the perfect activity for a pampering bridal shower, or even an excuse to gather the girls up for an afternoon of pampering… just because you can! If you’re a bride, a bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or just a close friend… pampering is a MUST! 🙂

The day before my wedding I had the girls from Orange Beauty Spa come over and do my nails. It was a real treat and gave me time to sit down and breath in between all the running around. Even my 90 year old  Auntie Greta and Grandma Pat had a manicure for my wedding…. they loved it!
So if you fancy a treat at home give Orange a call on 055 257 3031
If you missed my first blog about Orange Beauty @ Home in Dubai then check it out… ♥
Have a lovely day pretty ladies xx

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