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Today we come to you with Part 2 of our “Love Story Shoot” series. There is a beautiful story of every woman, behind every bride to be. Our inspiration today is for all of those who love music.  I, unfortunately, haven’t learned to play any instruments but I can say music is definitely one of my passions in life. Our gorgeous bride played by model Courtney is a violin player. She has a fan who always comes to watch her play. Every time he does, he leaves an anonymous rose on the stage for her. She is so intrigued, she composes a song about him and when he listens to it, he finally gets the courage to ask her out. They fall in love and after a few months, he proposes.
The theme for their wedding is all about music and violins. This is what brought them together, her talent for playing music and his love for listening to it.
The look was inspired as well by her personality; she is modern and funky but has her heart set on classical music. The first look was created for her concertos. The makeup is all about the eyes with glitter eyeliner and lots of mascara, perfect for the stage. Her hair in a half up half down bee-hive, very 60’s kind of look. The dress is a Helen Miller ombre bridal design from Vanila Wedding Boutique, perfect for this scenario…Funky girl who loves glamour.
As for her wedding day look, we went with a lovely crown braid.  Soft smokey eyes with a hint of green to give the eyes that wow factor. Rosy cheeks and a light pink gloss on the lips. I used what is called a “second skin” foundation since we still wanted to showcase her beautiful freckles.
The stunning blush coloured dress is also by designer Helen Miller provided by Vanila Wedding boutique. This dress is a dream come true, so many gorgeous embroidery details, just breathtaking!
Our love story shoot location and beautiful flowers were provided by The Flowerful Project. Simple, elegant greenery, a stunning ring bridal bouquet and amazing roses draped our scenes.
The Party designed dazzling mini-portraits that brought our story together, featuring lovely phrases and images that speak for themselves.
The incredible 3 story cake was made by Lashaante Bakery, with fine-looking musical details, handmade flowers and hand-painted musical notes.
Paddyman music was very kind in letting us borrow his priceless violin.
We leave you to the story brought to life by super talented Photographer Paula Scalco with her impeccable images and her love for detail shots.
Thank you to everyone who made this Love Story come true.
Until our next love story,
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Photography and props: Paula Scalco 
Dress and Accessories: Vanila Wedding Boutique
Mini Portraits: The Party
Flowers: The Flowerful Project 
Cake and Cookies: Lashaante Bakery lashaante_bakery
Model: Courtney courts_kelly
Violin: Paddyman music paddymanmusic
Makeup and hair: Monica at MHG Beauty 
P.S All of these vendors are based in Dubai, so if you’re on the hunt for talented humans for your Dubai wedding then here you go… 😉

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