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{Personal blog} 29 weeks pregnant…

Hello Lovelies,
I’m finally getting round to blogging about my pregnancy. Today I’m just past the 29 week mark, which means I have 11 weeks to go until our baby girl enters the world. Give or take a few days 😉 I’m unbelievably excited. The more she kicks, the more real it feels and at my last scan I was told our baby girl has long legs, a good head of hair and big toes, which makes me think she’ll be tall like Nathan and I. I just hope she doesn’t have manly toes like her Dad.
I still find myself feeling amazed at the whole pregnancy thing, I’m actually making a real human and it’s mind boggling. It’s made me realise how incredible my body is. It doesn’t matter so much if I’m not super toned, or I have a size 8 waist line, but it’s important to treat my body with respect and fuel it with the right nutrition. Because if you’re not feeding yourself the good stuff, then how is it going to make a human? Does that make sense? Is it also weird that I use the word ‘Human’? It just feel it sounds more scientific and makes the whole thing (pregnancy) that much more mind boggling.
So how am I feeling at 29 weeks pregnant? 
Pregnancy wise I feel good. I’m still walking around, working and doing my usual errands but when it comes to sitting down for too long, I get really uncomfortable. I feel like I’m getting bigger every day and I’ve even noticed a slight wobble when I walk. I’ve gained 10kg, so as you can imagine that’s an extra load to carry round. It sounds like a lot but apparently it’s normal. The baby weighs 1.3kg and when you add all the water retention, extra blood, placenta etc it’s not that bad. I think. At this point as long as the baby and I are healthy I don’t care how much the scales say… (Well, kinda)
Over the past 10 days I’ve been a bit run down, suffering with a sore throat, sinus pain and most recently a horrible cough. I’ve been doing everything I can to avoid taking medicines but finally I gave in and text Dr. Elsa to ask what I can take. Panadol and Strepsils are fine, and if it gets worse there is an antibiotic I can take, but I’d rather avoid that if I can. I’m hoping I’ll be germ free in a few days.
And as you can see for the pictures below my baby bump is getting rather round. I love having a bump but the bigger the bump grows, the less items I have in my wardrobe to wear. I’ve tried to keep my maternity clothes shopping to a minimum as maternity fashion is general kinda sucks. If anyone can recommend a decent maternity store then please let me know.

Work wise I’m OK. I’m pretty tired but I only have two more weddings left plus the wedding fair at The Address Montgomerie Dubai. One of my weddings is in April, so I’m preparing everything now and then the girls at Lavender Blue plus my side kick Mona will take over to make sure everything is perfect on the day. I’m slightly nervous as I’m usually so hands on, but I have a good team in place and my bride Louise is super organised, so we should be fine.
As for the blog I’m actually looking forward to having some time at home to catch up on the new image gallery, update my styling website and general admin. I’ll have at least 6 weeks at home before the baby arrives and I’m not one to doing nothing, so I actually think I’ll be quite productive in this time. I guess we can only wait and see.
OK lovelies, got to dash. Have a lovely Saturday…

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