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Personal Blog – 20 weeks & it's wedding season!

Morning Lovelies,
Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend? I thought I’d start the week off with a personal rambling as I didn’t get a chance to give you a baby update last week. Work has been crazy and Amy has been off for personal reasons so my work load has kept me rather busy. Hence why the blog has been a little quiet 🙂
Baby Bump
The bump is growing. I’m now 20 and a half weeks and feeling huge. I met  a girl yesterday who is 39 weeks pregnant and literally about to pop at any moment and she said she felt the same. She felt huge but actually when she looks back at photos of her bump at 20 weeks it’s not that big. I’ll believe it when I see it! Last Sunday I had a scan which was sort of an extra bonus scan because my Mum was visiting. It felt so special having my Mum with me to see her litter granddaughter. This time we even saw her poke her tongue out and suck her thumb. It continues to blow my mind. How can my body know how to make a real human? It’s mind boggling. I also have to be honest, I LOVE being pregnant. Despite being super busy with work and emotional at times, oh and having spots on my forehead (possibly the worst side effect ever – but I have a fringe so they are well covered) I really love it.
I’m going for the big 20 week (well, 21 week scan for me) on the 14th November and according to all my Mummy friends this is the big one. They check everything and it’s super detailed. Luckily I got an appointment for Saturday so Nathan can join too. He’s missed the past two scans as he’s been traveling for work. Thankfully apple created the Iphone with a video. 😉
The Blog
OK so you may not know this but I’ve invested a little fortune into having a gallery made for the blog. It’s a work in progress and it will take some time to be full functional as I have to tag about 10,000 images into categories but it’s happening. It’s very exciting. Last week we had a few technical glitches which is why I didn’t blog but by Thursday afternoon they were smoothed out. I’m hoping this week will be more productive.
Styling Stuff

I kicked off wedding season with my first wedding at The Ritz, JBR. It was an elegant set up with cream and grey tones. We used Iluma lamps instead of overhead lighting and added green foliage around the tables. It was really lovely. I also saw my bride Donna at the end of the night, and she was very surprised to see me. In fact I got a small telling off for being pregnant and working at 1.30am. It’s part of the job. After I set up a wedding, it must also be taken down. Anyway, we had a good giggle and she filled me on her wedding day highlights. If I leave a wedding knowing my bride is happy then my job is done. I must also mention that she looked stunning in a custom made dress by B at House of Moirai. I cannot wait to see the pictures!
This weekend I put together a lovely small baby shower for one of my best friends; Kara. She’s due in December so it was the perfect timing to have one last get together with all the girls before she becomes a mother of two. I planned it at The Address Montgomerie and we sat under a tree near the pool for 3 hours giggling and talking babies. It was pretty inspiring hearing labor stories from other mums. Of course I did the decor and Ana at Nice Ribbon Atelier made a cake for me and designed all the stationery.  We went for a grey and peach themed shower, and I used pale peach/ pink charger plates over a grey striped table runner. It was a beautiful afternoon.
I’ve got 4 more weddings coming up before the end of December as well as other projects and styled events. I’ve dived into Christmas Decor, styled dinners and I’m working with Canadian Bistro ‘Fraiche‘ on some very exciting projects too. So yeah, I’m keeping very busy.
Anyway, I must go as I have a bunch of admin to get done before the sun goes down.
Laters my lovelies…

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