Pink & lovely bridal shower ideas… ♥

If you’re a bride to be or a maid of honour, and are in need of a few bridal shower ideas, then check this out for some inspiration…
I created a gorgeous table setting using for under AED 100. I bought pink roses and greens at Marina Mall for AED50. The roses came from Waitrose and I got the greens at the little flower stall on the lower ground. I also got 4 little pink favors from Conti Confetteria which added that extra touch. And, who doesn’t like chocolate?
I used a white lace table overlay which I had from my own wedding and decorated it with pink roses. I then placed 6 short glasses and added one rose to each glass. The glasses were a wedding present and bought from Tavola via MyList.ae. ♥

This was the first look I created, which was a little more grown up than my 2nd set up. You’ll see from the pictures below that it’s a bit more fun. I used pink straws which I had left over from my own bridal shower last summer (you can buy red and white ones from Crate & Barrel at MOE), and I used my 2 tier cake stand in the center of my table.

I used pink and white chocolates from  Conti Confetteria along with roses to decorate the 2 tier stand. yes, I’m clearly not a florist but it look pretty doesn’t it?
If you wanted to have a more casual spread you could create one cluster of flowers in jars and use martini glasses to display the chocolates. Btw you can buy the chocolates in bags rather than little gifts, which gives you the option of doing just this…

All you need is..
– I bunch of pink roses
– 1 bunch of greens (this can be any green flower/stem)
-Lace table overlay or anything which is a little girlie
– For the pink drinks, I used soda and pink summer fruits squash which I got from Waitrose for about AED10 a bottle.
– 4 pink favors from  Conti Confetteria. They average at about AED15 each and are just so cute. I used mine in 3 different ways as you can see from the pictures.
– Glasses of any style… (I used what I had in my house, so you can do the same)
– Glass jars or little bottles.. you can use these as little vases on the table.
* All photos by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding. 
Hope you liked this…
Back tomorrow my lovelies ♥
Joelle x

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