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Planning Inspiration: Table Plans for Every Couple

Hello lovely readers!
I’m back and this time it’s official! Just yesterday I joined the lovely team on a regular basis so you’re going to be hearing a lot more from me from now on – I’m so excited!
So on that note I wanted to talk about something fun today. The seating plan for any wedding can be a very stressful part of the planning – we want to make sure our guests are sat with people we know they will have fun with but we also want to make sure people who don’t know each other mix and mingle. Not to mention the awkward cases of exes, divorced parents or people who don’t like each other. Ahhh it makes my head hurt just thinking about it.
To take your mind off of that, I thought of some fun ways you can make this process more enjoyable by coming up with a creative theme for your table numbers. Not only does this show your personality as a couple but is also a talking point and ice breaker for the guests.
So if you want to your creative juices flowing here are a few ideas that could work whatever kind of couple you are 🙂

For the sporty couple: For example if you two play golf (like me and my hubby!) you could have each table as a hole number, or if you both love football you could name your table as the different positions in the team e.g. “The Running Backs” or “The Goalies” or write your plan on baseball bats!
For the city slickers: You could try the names of the bus stops or subway stops that you use on your daily commutes.
For the good times couple: Cheers in different languages! Salut! My sister did this for her wedding and it was awesome, I saw each table cheers in their own language during the speeches for example.
For the party couple:  You could have the names of your favourite hang out spots or restaurants that you frequent as a couple. This is quite cool because your friends and family will have spent time with you at these places.
For the international couple: If you and your fiancé(e) happen to be jetsetters you could try the names of streets/towns/cities where you have lived or travelled to as a couple which celebrates all the wonderful memories you have from your adventures together.
For the musical couple: You could have each table number as the titles of your favourite records / albums / singles. As a fun little extra idea you could also give each person a lyric on their name card which again is a great ice breaker.
For the movie buffs and comic nerds: Easy – names of your favourite movies/trilogies/comic book series as a couple.  Similar to the music, you could also give each person a famous quote  on their name card.
For the romantic couple: This one is a little cheesey but can be cute if you do it in a nice way. You could have each table number as an event from your history as a couple e.g. “The Day We Met”, “Our First Date”.
Fun right?!
P.S. For some bonus points check out these incredibly rustic and “lovely” ways of presenting your table plan which I couldn’t help swooning over on Pintrest this morning!

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With love from your bride-to-be,

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