As many of you know I have bit of a thing for table decor, and I will use any excuse to set my table, even if it’s just for fun. So over, the weekend I created this colourful creation using wedding favors from Conti Confetteria, napkins & straws from Crate & Barrel and used cheap and cheerful flowers to make my centerpieces pop with colour. I had planned a little dinner party at home for my visitors and thought they’d be very impressed with their very own favor box. For an extra few Dirhams adding that personal touch just adds that ‘ohhhh that’s so thoughtful/amazing’ factor. I got massive brownie points. (Just high fived myself again) Hehe…

So, why use colour? Because it’s awesome, but it has to be done in a fun and cheerful way, and obviously your main aim is not to ‘over do it’.
Check out Conti Confetteria for more info, or just visit their cafe at Marina Mall. Oh and if you buy a coffee you’ll get free chocolate to try! Yum!!
Back later my lovelies x x

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