Protect your shoes with Heel Stoppers ♥

Shoes glorious shoes… if you were to go to a wedding, and were not informed that you were spending all day walking on soft green grass, would you be a little worried about the precious things on your feet? I think I would. Luckily for me, and my wedding guests their shoes will be well projected with these very cute little Heel Stoppers.

Last week I met Denise, the lovely lady behind Heel Stoppers in The Middle East and she handed over 10 pairs of heel stoppers. Not only are they going to protect my Manolo’s, but they will also give me extra support when walking around for hours on end. I plan to get some brown paper bags and make my own labels to go with my other stationery items. But if you’re not bothered about every little detail matching (maybe I’m just too picky?) then they come in little bags which are colour coded per size.

If you fancy getting a few pairs for your wedding, check out the website for more info. www.deesjewelleryworld.com 
Back later today my lovelies… x x x

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