Quick update from the blogger…

Hey lovely readers,
I’m so sorry for the lack of blog action. My internet crashed yesterday morning along with my TV and home phone line. It’s been over 24 hours, which seems like a very long time for a blogger. It’s a nightmare for someone who works ‘online’.
Anyway, so I’m back from my girlie holiday and still feeling a little tired. It might just be the heat that’s making me sleepy, but whatever it is I need to shake it off and get back to my normal self.
Question…. Has anyone read Good magazine? It’s new on the Dubai seen and I’m loving it. I only discovered it a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. It’s full of useful information, interesting features  and even has a DIY project page. LOVE!  I loved it so much that I managed to persuade Nathan to help me build a coffee table out of wood pallets . I didn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw how cheap it would be to actually build it… so we put it to the test.. and made our own.

Check it out…. Pretty cool huh? And the whole thing cost us only Dhs 90!!! We picked up the pallets in Al Quoz and gave a guy Dhs 20 for his troubles, and the rest of the items we bought in speedex. That store is actually amazing, and maybe even a little bit better than Ace. (I’m such a DIY geek aren’t I?)
Anyway, if you fancy a Ramadan project then this is one I would suggest… it’s so much fun 🙂 And yes… I practice what I preach… I love DIY. LOL #weddinggeek
Back later this afternoon my lovelies x x x

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