Saturday Best Bits – 18th Jan ♥

Morning lovelies,
I’m so happy it’s the weekend. I’m tired and really needed a day to chill. This past week has been amazing on the work front, but all this running around does make me sleepy. Maybe I just need an extra cup of coffee a day?
Ohhh I have some news for you, which I find very exciting. My good friend Sarah has been working on an ipad wedding magazine over the past year, and it’s finally out. It’s amazing… like, really amazing! It’s called Dubai weddings and Honeymoons. Just click on the link to download the app for free. 
Anyway before I babble on too much… here is my usual weekly roundup.. and a sneak peek of my one year anniversary shoot with Nathan and Charlie. #familyshoot – coming next week!
Family Shoot
Photography by JVR Photography.
If you missed anything this week, just click on the links 🙂
♥ Blue Eye Picture | Emma & Jason | Video  *click here*
♥ Contessa’s new collection – Wedding dresses *click here*
♥ Goldfish Photography | Indian Wedding | Day 2  *click here*
♥ Goldfish Photography | Indian Wedding  *click here*
♥ Humaya & Karim – Blue Eye Picture   *click here*
♥ Win afternoon tea @ Galeries Lafayette *click here*
Back tomorrow my lovelies.. have a fab day xx

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