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Short hair don't care: Short hairstyles for brides by Monica at MHG Beauty

Hello you lovely bunch of humans,
I do hope you’re enjoying the summer? If you’re in Dubai right now I feel bad for you, it’s probably about 45c, which is disgustingly hot. I have escaped the heart and I’m currently in Perth, Australia. I’m here visiting my family and enjoying wearing knitwear. Sorry to rub it in but it had to be said. 😉 So today I’m back with another fabulous blog by my favoruite beauty queen, Monica at MHG Beauty.
Have you been a fan of short hair for a long time or recently got a new short haircut and all of a sudden your boyfriend popped the question? Don’t freak out we have you covered.
When Katerina from Vanila Wedding Boutique and I were at a photo shoot, she came up with the idea of a photo shoot focusing on hairstyles for short hair brides. (she has a gorgeous bob haircut btw) I though that’s so clever! Add photographer Dayana form Dia Light Photography to the picture, and the results are brilliant. Obviously Kat was our gorgeous model for the shoot.
Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair
There is a misconception on having to have long hair for your wedding. Actually I have always thought, as you’ve heard me say before, that you should be yourself on that day. So if you have always worn short hair why change it for your wedding day? There are so many lovely hairstyles you can do with short hair and that is exactly what Katerina, Dayana and I have put together as inspiration for you beautiful brides to be. I’ve been to vanila boutique several times and I always stay there for hours looking at their accessories, I want to take them all with me! This is where my inspiration began, we first chose the headpieces and then I created the hairstyle around each one. Headpieces play a very important role. They make a hairstyle go from very pretty to stunning. You can find all the pieces we used and so many more at Vanila Wedding Boutique.
Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair
Remember, every element you wear plays a special part, there has to be harmony when you see the whole look. So choose headpieces that complement your dress but don’t overpower it. The girls at the boutique will give you the perfect advice on what’s best for your style. And last but never least, your veil should also be paired with your headpiece. Try having both your headpiece and veil for your trial, that way both you and your stylist can decide exactly where to place them both.
Here are a few options of hairstyles you can do on short hair.

  • You could have you hair texturized with curls or waves, leave it loose and add your favorite headpieces to it.
  • Another option is getting an updo, yes I know what you are thinking, that’s impossible, I promise it’s not, unless you have a pixie haircut.
  • You could also go for a have half up-half down look with backcombing to give it a bit of a 60s vibe.
  • You could add one or several braids as detail to your loose hair as well, the possibilities are endless. I will now leave you to the beautiful images captured by Dia Light so you start getting inspired and choosing your favorite one.

Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair   Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair    Beauty Inspiration - A bride with short hair
Worst case scenario, If you decided to go for a short haircut just for fun, ended up not too happy with it, and you absolutely do not like any hairstyle done with short hair……well there’s always hair extentions. Clip-ons would be my option for you here.
Embrace your beauty and trust the team you choose for your special day.
See you soon with more bride-spiration blogs!

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