Something for the foodie bride… ♥

This one is going out to all the lovely foodie brides… ♥
If you’re in the process of planning your wedding you will know that at some point you will need to talk FOOD. For some people the food isn’t as important as anything else, but for me it was the one thing that had to be perfect. Our aim was to give our guests a fine dining experience and send them home with a full tummy.
Even if you’re on a budget and can’t afford the more ‘fancy’ menu you can still ask for it to be presented perfectly. I would suggest doing some research, finding a similar style course and show the chef exactly what you want. I’m assuming this would be a little trickier with a wedding of 500 but for smaller wedding I can’t see why this can’t be done.
The presentation of each course is important because people generally eat with their eyes first. For example as you scroll through these images of perfectly put together courses you will probably go ‘ohhhh, that looks yummy’ or ‘hmmm I could eat that for dinner’. Well that’s what I did and as I’m writing this post I’m feeling a little peckish. (Btw I only just had lunch too lol)

Also, depending on your venue you will be given options of set menus, but don’t be affraid to mix it up. The Montgomerie were so helpful when it came to our menu, I made sure they knew that I wanted to impress my guests and they did just that. The standard of the food was fine dining and the presentation was perfect. Not too fancy but just fancy enough for people to go.. ohhhh nice. 😉 you get the idea.
Big thanks to The Studio Dubai for the gorgeous foodie photos. x

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