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The time has come for Nathan, my husband-to-be to get cracking on his wedding suit. At first I liked the idea of dark grey. However, Nathan has gone down the ‘navy blue’ road, which is fine as it still goes with my sisters dress. (yet to be made… yikes) So, on my journey to assisting Nathan with his wedding attire, I started browsing through all of the wedding photos that I’ve posted so far looking for some ‘suit’ inspiration. I must say I am very lucky to showcase so many talented photographers. Craig Geroge…. oh yes, my fav UK photographer. Scroll now….

Above is my friend Steve... he’s looking quite nervous waiting for his beautiful bride Rachel. And I like his tie.
Craig is good, isn’t he. 🙂
Anyway, back to the suit issue. It got me thinking about tailors, ready made suits and what he really wants. This is the part of the wedding that is entirely his responsibility (Ok, i’m allowed to express my opinion when asked.) I shall help Nathan find his wedding suit and keep you posted. I’m sure there are lots of grooms wondering where to start? Update coming soon….
For now, if you need a little inspiration or maybe just something nice to browse on a Wednesday morning, check out these handsome men; in wedding suits. 😉

Credits; Groom w/ grey suit vest; pinterest.com, Groom w/braces; offbeatbride.com, Groom w/ hat; simplesmentebranco.com, Groom w/ dark suit; stylemepretty.com, Close up shot; stylemepretty.com, Groom w/ bride; forgetmeknotweddingsblog.com, Groom w/ bow tie; davidnewkirk.com, Groom w/ bride; pinterest.com , ♥
Information on tailors for your groom coming soon… I promise ♥

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