The 19th Hole…

So folks, we’re finally starting the planning process for our wedding (yay!) and would you believe it, it’s my fiancé that’s leading the parade. Yes that’s right, the man.
The first thing Patrick told me was that he wanted to get married on a golf course. He’s currently the General Manager of a golf course and has been in love with the game since he was 11. My first reaction was “Hmm I’m not so sure this fits in with my vision of an elegant hoedown country wedding” but before I blurted this out, I had to remind myself that this was our wedding. Wait, it’s not all about me?
To be honest, golf is more Patrick’s thing than my thing – although I have spent a lot of time in my life at golf courses and my best friend got married at one 🙂
However since this is important to my other half I wanted to find a way to compromise. We’ve started by looking at a few golf courses on the east coast of the US where we want to get married and I have to say there are some pretty beautiful venues that have caught my eye. Golf courses also lend themselves nicely to some pretty spectacular photography.
golf wedding
We haven’t settled on a venue quite yet but if that doesn’t work out then I have found some super fun ideas that we could use to incorporate golf into our wedding. And you don’t have to know anything about golf to appreciate them. What do you guys think of these?
A Golf themed wedding? Mini Golf!
How cute is this idea? I mean, who doesn’t love mini golf? Before I even started researching I thought about making a pop-up mini golf course at our wedding, what a great photo opp and it keeps guests entertained while you’re off doing photos. I love the idea of it including the story of our relationship or funny stories about us as a couple. At this rate, with our gallivanting around the globe, we could maybe even do a hole for everywhere we have lived?
{wedding mini golf} by josefina
‘Just Married’ Golf Cart
Riding on a golf cart to wedded bliss? Yes please! This particular idea would work really well if we could find a venue that has a beautiful location for the ceremony and then we could ride over to the reception. It also wouldn’t involve too much extra cost as the golf cart would already be there so we would just have to create the banner. And I know someone who’s pretty good at that…ahem Joelle.
A Golf themed wedding?
Golf Course Table Plan and Centerpieces
Ooh hole numbers for the table numbers -with us at the top on the 19th hole! I’m personally not a fan of big centerpieces – I find it really hard to see across the table to the person in front of me, they’re expensive and more often than not they end up on the floor because people have moved them. Something small and cute like this would be perfect and I love the simple daffodils too. Now if only I knew where to get a large collection of golf balls…oh wait my fiancé works at a golf club 🙂
A Golf themed wedding?
Groomsmen Gifts
I love this idea as a gift for Patrick’s groomsmen – personalized golf ball markers. Don’t think my bridesmaid’s would appreciate them though!
A Golf themed wedding?
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I think the important thing is here is to find a way to show your other half that you care about what they want and involve them in the process. There’s always going to be some way you can incorporate their ideas. With just a little bit of research I’ve managed to find some super fun ways to acknowledge Patrick’s love for golf and it’s got him very excited!  The next thing to think about is how I can incorporate yoga – downward dog on the dancefloor anyone? 🙂
Until next time,
Your bride-to-be,
P.S Just a note from Joelle… the signature will be changed soon. She does realise that my name is Amy. 😉

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