The 2 outdoor wedding must-haves… ♥

Heel Stoppers & Pashminas!
When I was planning my wedding I had so much to think about that sometimes I just felt mind boggled, almost like an overwhelming feeling of ‘there is way too much to do ‘. But I realised after my wedding that all of my extra little details really made a huge impact.
For example buying pashminas for the girls. Dubai in January can be confusing on the weather front, I remember on 3 different occasions going down to my wedding venue (The Montgomerie) and feeling really hot, then it felt freezing cold, and then there was too much wind. It was very confusing. So, just to be safe I bought some grey pashminas in case the girls got cold later on in the day. They went down a treat, and everyone said it was such a thoughtful touch.
The pashminas tied up with string…

My heel stoppers with my own labels… 

The heel stoppers were a must have for my wedding because we were spending the whole day on soft grass. They were awesome, and also gave me a little extra support all day. As a bride you don’t really realise that you will be standing and walking around greeting guests for most of the day. Thanks to the heel stoppers my feet didn’t start to hurt until I started busting out my moves on the dance floor. Actually, that’s a lie. I don’t really have any cool moves, especially in a 1970s Vintage dress.
Anyway, for an outdoor wedding these two little extras will definatly impress your female guests and you will get brownie points for being extra thoughtful 😉 Please contatct Denise to order your heel stoppers…  give her a buzz on 050 888 6481 or email her at denise@deesjewelleryworld.com ♥


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