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The BARE BODY ‘Bridal’ Workshop

Do you feel pressure to lose weight now that you are engaged? More often than not, may brides to-be embark on strenuous exercise routines and fad diets to lose dramatic amounts of weight in the lead up to their big day, only to pile the pounds back on straight after. (I know because I was one of those brides!)
At BARE, along with Founder Dylan Eiffe, we are hosting a one day BARE BODY ‘bridal’ Workshop; an exclusive event showcasing the BARE concept of 70% nutrition, 30% training for long term fat-loss. They will give you the tools to loose weight, get in shape and more importantly teach you how to maintain your transformation. Believe it or it’s all about learning what’s right for you!
Hosted and presented by the BARE Team of fitness and nutrition experts, we will be talking about the hits and misses, the do’s and don’ts and why EAT TRAIN LEARN is the only way to achieve and keep that dream body and to SUSTAIN it long after your wedding day.
What to expect:

  • Delicious & nutritious light bites
  • Refreshing juices and a chance to try out blk black water
  • A nutrition workshop and a training talk tailored for the bride to-be.
  • 30 minute express workout
  • Special guest speakers: BARE bridal industry ambassadors Joelle (that’s me) of My lovely wedding and Rio of Bride Club ME

Where: BARE at Downtown/Business-Bay (Click here for directions)
When: 7pm on Tuesday 2nd June 2015
So if you’re getting married soon and fancy getting into shape for the big day,  then come on down to BARE. Bring your fiance, a bridesmaid or a friend and join us for a full filled evening at BARE Downtown.
Please RSVP to Joelle@mylovelywedding and/ or Dylan at info@bare.fitness before the 2nd June to secure your place. We have limited spaces so please be quick! I promise it will be fun and also rather lovely 🙂
My own BARE update…
I’ve been training at BARE for just over three weeks now and so far I’m absolutely loving it. I’m trying to follow the diet program and attend 3-4 classes of cross fit and small group training a week. My previous exercise routine was a casual walk with the dogs, maybe a trip to the gym every once in a while and the odd swim here and there. But three weeks on I’m happy to say I’m a fitness convert. I had no idea I would be enjoying it as much as I am, and the funny thing is I really can’t imagine not working out now.
My first class was intense and I was training with a few people who had obviously had some experience and were quite frankly way more fit than I was. However, I tried my best and as Dylan would say ‘I smashed it’. It’s a nice phrase to hear when you’ve just finished 60 minutes of cross fit and have turned the colour of a beetroot.
On my 2nd visit I met with BARE Coach Kate who spent just under an hour with me discussing my lifestyle, my current fitness routine aka walking the dog, and my eating habits. I also had a complete body composition assessment.
Wondering what that is? Well Wikipedia has the answer…
‘In physical fitness, body composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in human bodies. Because muscular tissue takes up less space in our body than fat tissue, our body composition, as well as our weight, determines leanness.’
Last Thursday I was asked to jump back on the body comp machine to see how I was doing 3 weeks on. I must admit I was nervous. I felt like I had toned up and lost a bit of weight but nothing drastic. Turns out I lost 2.4 % body fat, gained 1.7kg of muscle and lost 0.5kgs in weight. I’ve decided not to share my ‘before and after’ photo yet because my ‘after’ body is ready yet. Lol.. I’m guessing it might take more than a few weeks to look like a Victoria Secrets model?
Anyway, I really hope to see someone of you at the bridal workshop next week. If you want more info on the event feel free to get in touch.
P.S The event is FREE so you have no excuse 😉
Oh and check out http://www.bare.fitness/ for more info on BARE if you haven’t already.
Laters lovelies….

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