The best makeup Bridetinerary ever! { A BLOG BY MONICA AT MHG BEAUTY }

For all your lovely brides-to-be… this is a good read! (Thanks Monica for being awesome) 
You have chosen your wedding makeup artist and hairstylist. Now the question is: what time do you start getting ready on your special day?  Is it only you having your makeup and hair done? or are your family and bridesmaids getting ready with you as well?
I regularly get asked who should get ready first. There are basically three timeline options here and I think you should choose the one that will allow you to be relaxed and enjoy every moment of your getting ready process.
How long your makeup and hair last should not be an issue. A professional makeup artist and hair stylist will prep and set your skin and hair properly, so no matter if you go first or last, your makeup and hair should last until the moment you decide to remove them.

  • You could be first. This way you are now ready and can enjoy a nice meal and relax before getting dressed.
  • Your close family members (those who you need to be ready for family pictures) could go first, after them you and at the end, your bridesmaids and or friends.
  • You could be last. If you are last you can arrange to relax a bit before getting started, have a nice meal and then have your makeup and hair done just before its time to get dressed.

The things you should take into consideration are the following:
-what time are your photographer(s) and videographer arriving, are they capturing getting ready moments, couple or family pictures before the ceremony?
-Do you want your mom and or bridesmaids to help you get dressed?  If so, I suggest they are all ready by the time you need to put on your dress.
-What time you will be able to check-in at your hotel or venue, this is very important so that there is time for the makeup artists and hair stylist to set up and begin promptly at the time settled.
-Consider about 30 minutes for getting dressed.
-Set time aside for having a good, I would suggest a light healthy meal.
I think it’s nice for your close family members and bridesmaids to be in the room with you, this way you enjoy each other’s company, laugh and you make sure everyone is ready on time.
What I regularly do, is I ask my bride what time the celebration begins and what time they need to be out the door. Based on this, I create a timeline with the makeup and hair appointments.  Send it to her for approval and voila. Don’t be afraid to start early, time literally flies on that day and you don’t want to feel rushed or stressed.
My suggestion, most of the times, is for the bride to get ready last. This way, when the photographers and videographers arrive, everyone will be ready and feel comfortable to be in the pictures since their makeup and hair will already be done.  Also you, the gorgeous bride, will be getting your final makeup and hair touches and these are the exact moments you want them to capture.
In my professional opinion, the most important thing is that you feel relaxed and pampered on your special day.
To perfect timing!
Monica MHG beauty

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