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The Boho Beauty Look – Makeup tips by Monica {MHG Beauty Dubai}

Hello Lovelies,
So sorry for the lack of blog action last week. I went to Shanghai for 5 days with Nathan, and didn’t realise until I got there, that WordPress, Instagram and Facebook were all blocked. So basically I was forced to take a few days off. It was an awesome trip and I’ll be sharing my experience on the blog later this week.
Today I’m starting the week off with a beauty blog by Monica. One of her recent brides rocked this look and as you can see from the picture below she was a knock out! #gorgeousbride 😉
Studio K
And I am back with our second look…..Boho Beauty. As you will be able to see, I am using the same model on all vlogs because I want to show how we can all choose different styles depending on what we are going to wear, what event we are attending, what mood we are on, etc. It’s all about creating the whole look and feeling comfortable in it.
I Love everything that looks undone, messy or what I like to call perfectly, imperfect. I always try to create looks that are glamorous but at the same time natural. This is the perfect example of that. Our Boho look today focuses on the eyebrows and the objective is for them to look as natural as possible but still make a statement.
We begin with the skin already done, based on the classic girl look, which you you see here on my previous blog post; https://mylovelywedding.com/the-classic-girl-look-makeup-tips-by-monica
Makeup tips by Monica
The key for creating perfect natural brows is using two shades (sometimes even 3). What this does is give them dimension and volume, hair is never one single shade, it regularly reflects different shades depending on where and how light hits it. This applies to brows as well, so when you use two shades it looks less rigid and much more natural.
Choose a shade that is similar to your hair color base and choose a second one that is two shades lighter than that. If you are blonde I recommend grayish browns, if you are a redhead, choose browns that have a bit more red in them but stick to brown and if your hair is very dark, go for a deep dark brown but never use black. The kind of product you use depends mostly on your needs and preferences, wanting it to be waterproof or not, wanting one that is application friendly and/or preferring to use a brush or a pencil.
Boho bride - makeup tips by Monica Photos by Studio K
Don’t be scared, give it a try! Defined beautiful shaped Brows make a huge difference in your eye and facial expression. Also remember as I mentioned on previous occasions, makeup is not permanent so if you don’t like it, you can just wipe it off.
And now I’ll leave you to our quick easy DIY video.

Products used
Mascara wand
Makeup forever Aqua brow gel (darker shade)
MAC brow pencil (lighter shade)
MAC brow gel in clear
Too Faced Brow Bone highlighting pencil
MAC sunbasque blush
MAC lip liner in soar
MAC viva glam V lipstick and lipgloss
Enjoy! Until our next look!
Monica! x
Oh and guess what…. http://www.mhgbeauty.com is COMING SOON!

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