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The coolest wedding in Goa – {Bernie + Bindi Photography}

Well if this cheerful blog won’t brighten up your day, I’m not sure what will. This is an EPIC wedding. I am a little bit obsessed. I’m also a little bit jealous that Bernie & Bindi were flown all the way to Goa to photograph this amazing 2 day wedding. I feel bad for you guys having such a terrible job. 😉
Destination weddings are always a little special, and Tim and Lavis Wedding in Goa particularly so. As with many Indian weddings this was to be a two day celebration, and Tim and Lavi had set the party tone by lunchtime on day one. A Mehndi and massive pool party was a perfect ice-breaker, with young and old in the pool fully dressed after a few hours! Later that evening everyone turned out in beautiful Indian national dress for dinner and Sangreet that carried on until the early hours.
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Morning on day two saw the bridal party dressing in the incredibly elaborate and colorful sari, and sherwani (hope I got that right). Then followed the traditional turban tying and the exciting (and noisy) Baraat. This was when of the grooms family and friends partied in procession down to the beach to greet the brides family. Tim looked incredible on horseback surrounded by a sea of blue turbans and well wishers. The traditional ceremony was held on a beautiful Mandap covered in flowers with a backdrop of the Goa coastline. Later that night an incredible wedding reception was held for the 160 guests in the lawns of the hotel. ( Buzz Events in Goa did an amazing job ). As for Tim and Lavi – they partied all night and we passed them on the way to breakfast the next morning. Epic.  – words by Bernie & Bindi.
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A bit about the happy couple..
Tim and Lavi got married in Goa with 160 guests, plus Bernie and Bindi. Their eyes met over the office photocopier and from that moment on ‘forever & ever’ was sure thing. Vendor shouts to Buzz Events in Goa and friends and family who made their wedding so special. Colourful attire from Sabyasachi and Monisha Jaising.
Massive thanks to Bernie & Bindi for sharing this gorgeous wedding with us today. If you like what you see then click on over to http://weddingphotographerdubai.me/ for more pretty pictures.

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