The Designer Clutch | by Lovely Leena

Illuminate your world with a 24 carat gold plated burnished sparkler set to the tone of an ancient script, evoking the grandeur and majestic beauty of the great Pharos. A scripture of everlasting love, blending the east and west with quite antiquity. No trousseau can be complete without the dazzling sheen of precious metal moulded to compliment the curves of a deliciously attractive clutch hand bag that infuses the bride with instant gloss and statement style! The birth of these unique calligraphic clutches has given a new meaning to freezing magical moments in time:) Have your calligraphic clutch inscribed with your wedding date and a meaningful message in the charming Arabic mystique of swirls and curls that only calligraphy can create.
Clutch Bag
The brainchild of Farah Ali, a designer who takes the ancient art of calligraphy and embellishes it with beads and crystals, immortalizes poetic verse and fuses it with a sensitive but thoroughly sophisticated touch. Her use of soft Italian leather cut to precision and hand sewn, has the hard lines of the calligraphic medallions melting as one whilst boasting clean modern lines for the chic bride who demands off beat along with superb quality and originality of thought. The anthesis of ornate eastern and western minimalism ! It’s definitely true that opposites attract:) Creating an arm candy that that is a little bit flashy, a trifle daring in its bold calligraphic style vision. A wonderful fit for the bride who especially loves an off beat twist to her personal expression.
Clutch Bag Clutch Bag
The chameleon like calligraphic clutch with its wide appeal and natural personality of being a drop dead gorgeous show stopper, make it a comfortable stand alone in even the most notoriously famous company. The bottarga and feragammo clutches fail to overwhelm this artistic jewel, it’s a star no matter what the occasion. Undeniably the right fit for that bridal shower, a treasurable gift for your bridesmaids and a must have on that honeymoon! No matter if it’s a sun drenched beach destination or jetting across Europe. A casual la fresco lunch, a night of dancing under the stars or a romantic meal for two with the moonlight casting a glittering shadow on the mystical ambience of your deliciously attractive clutch:) After all every girl needs that glamour edged trophy handbag roomy enough to hold her lip gloss, mascara and iPhone to post all the spectacular honeymoon pictures of Facebook for friends and family to drool over:)
Clutch Bag
If you fancy getting your hands on one of these beauties please email farah.ali@me.com  or check out http://www.facebook.com/FarahAliHandmadeJewelry for the calligraphic clutch!
Big thanks to  lovely Leena at The Creative Workshop for sharing the love.
Have a fab weekend everyone…

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