The DIY bride with lavender details…

Last week this beautiful wedding was submitted by a photographer called Kroot Tarkmeel. It was love at first sight. After browsing through the wedding photos of Nele and Françoisgot, I decided to take a look at her website. Again, I was in love. It’s very obvious to me that Kroot is passionate, and dedicated to her craft…her photography. When I discover photographers like Kroot, it literally makes my day.
Nele & François got married in Estonia on the 20th July 2013. Their wedding ceremony was held at the Viljandi Jaani church and the wedding party was in their family home in Sammuli. The lavender details make this wedding really lovely…
The Proposal…
My husband proposed to me in a little town called Aigues-Mortes, South-France. We went away together for a mini break, but I never thought that I’ll come back home with most beautiful engagement ring. I was a very happy girl!
Our Vision for the day…
I had never in my life dreamed of wedding! But when François proposed, I knew exactly what I wanted and what I didn’t want! 🙂 I am very happy that our wishes and hopes were the same for this day – we both wanted a church wedding and a summer garden party with only our closest friends and family. In the end there were 89, but oh well… At the beginning we looked for different places where we could celebrate, but soon I realized  that for me there wasn’t any where nicer place than my home. Thanks to my parents we found a really nice party tent, so it was decided. A wedding in garden surrounded by green nature!
My Details + Décor…
All details and décor were made by me and I am still proud of it. I collected ideas form magazines and the internet. Most of the decorations came from France.
As vases I used regular jars that were coloured and decorated with lace and ribbons. It took a lot of time to paint and decorate them but it looked perfect with other decorations.
Wedding Photographer - Kroot
I also painted little stones where I wrote every person’s name. I wanted to give a little “taste” of south-france as my husband is French, so I took a bunch of dried lavender from France and used it with name-signs.
The venue where we had our wedding is like a painting, so my decorations were just a little extra for it.
_MG_8045 _MG_8086_MG_8114The planning process…
I planned everything from a distance and it mainly included sending emails  and making phone calls, except the one time I needed to fly to Estonia for a food tasting, and meet with the photographer, animator and florist.
I also spent days visiting tons of shops trying to source decorations, but I can not say that planning a wedding is very difficult, we took it easy and step by step. Of course we worked a lot before the wedding, and when we arrived in Estonia and as we had a three day wedding, so we also needed to plan the catering for Friday and Sunday!
_MG_8169 _MG_8180
Finding my wedding dress…
Probably the only thing I had few tears for… In my dreams I wanted a simple wedding dress that was custom made only for me. But I was too late! I found my dress In Barcelona from Pronovias. I had it altered to fit me and added a custom made belt with Swarovski crystals and pearls. So after worrying a little (and a few tears) I had my dress-exactly as I wanted!
_MG_8197 _MG_8198
My lovely accessories…
As I chose my wedding colours according to my engagement ring which is from amethyst.  I decided I also wanted to wear amethyst earrings. I found a beautiful pair from Murat Paris.
I just could not choose and decide about the colour of my shoes, so I took two pairs: silver ones from Jonak and purple one from Cosmoparis. At the last moment I decided that silver ones are right for my wedding.
For perfume I decided to go with Lanvin “Marry Me”.
_MG_8279 _MG_8314 _MG_8328My lovely flowers…
I love garden flowers, so I decided upon flowers that look homely and fit with our country-side wedding.
_MG_8394 _MG_8396 _MG_8551 _MG_8594 _MG_8613_MG_8628
Groom’s threads…
The groom’s suit was made by Karl Lagerfeld.
_MG_8719Slide3 _MG_8762 _MG_8779
Favorite moments…
To say ‘yes’ to your loved one. To knowledge in front of all your close ones that you choose to stay with someone for life. For me it is magical and always will be! Also to see so many happy people in your wedding and to read from their faces that they really enjoy it!
_MG_8893 _MG_9017 _MG_9040 _MG_9046 _MG_9049 _MG_9069 _MG_9072 _MG_9073 _MG_9074 _MG_9081 _MG_9101
Our lovely honeymoon…
We are still planning it 🙂 We couldn’t decide before, but as soon as we have the chance to go, we will just spontaneously book the honeymoon!
_MG_9169 _MG_9251 _MG_9358 _MG_9380 _MG_9395
My lovely cake…
I dreamed about the cake to be very simple but with a heavenly taste. My cake was not quite how I imagined it, but in the end it looked gorgeous and tasted good!
Advice for other couples…
Never forget that this day has to be exactly like you. There is no point on organizing a  wedding that does not fit with couples ‘personality’. This day is for enjoying!
When I look all the pictures now after wedding, it still makes me so happy: I danced almost all night and enjoyed every second of it! If you can not manage the planning process yourself, ask advice from everybody or hire a planner. Just do not forget, it is a day for celebrating LOVE!
Credit for everyone who helped plan our special day…

My family helped me so much before the big day!  A few days before wedding it seemed like the “to do list” was just endless! But to see two families working together for a glimmering goal was really amazing.
We had a lot of fun and I am very thankful to all of my friends, they are best! It seemed that everybody who helped this day to be memorable, were the best of the best. I would not of changed anything!
I am so thankful to all of our our friends and relatives who came from France to Estonia just to support us on the day!
Catering- Tervis catering
Wedding cake- Urmas Jalakas
Photographer- Krõõt Tarkmeel
Videographer- Toomas Vardja
Wedding tent- TM Promotions
Band- Raimondo & Smooth Unit
What a lovely end to the week… happy Thursday everyone xx

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