The first dance and all that jazz.

Dancing music…
If you’re in the final months of planning your wedding then you will be coming up to the bit about music. Remember when you’re planning your wedding music you need to think about everyone, and not just what yourself. This is probably why I struggled as I’m not a fan of the classic ‘I will survive’ or anything by Abba, Queen or any of those other classic cheesy bands you hear at weddings. I can’t stand Abba, like really, I despise them so much that when I hear their songs I sit down. It’s strange because even though I’m not a fan I know every word to every song. It’s rather annoying. You may remember my little wedding music dilemma I had last year? Well eventually I left this task to Nathan and let him do his thing. Problem solved ­čÖé
The first dance…
When Nathan and I were picking our first dance song, it really did take us a while. We have songs that are ‘our songs’ but they were not ‘first dance’ appropriate, so we had to find something new and make it our own. It wasn’t an easy process as it’s something that’s so personal.
After many car journeys browsing through itunes, we stumbled across one of ┬áNathans favorite Canadian bands, Blue Rodeo. The song is called ‘Lost Together’ and for the first time, I sat and listened to every word and suddenly it all made sense. We had finally found our wedding song.
So just because I can, here are a few more pictures from our wedding…

I think we all looked pretty good on the dance floor, however I wish Nathan and I had practiced a spin, or even turning together for our first dance. It was a bit of a mish-mash, but I’m pretty sure no-one even noticed, or even cared for that matter. Hehe!

Thanks again to Simon Charlton for taking my lovely photos.
Band: The Maplejacks
Venue: The Address Montgomerie
Back tomorrow my lovelies. x x x

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