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The morning before my garden hen party…

Some of you may know it as a hen party and others as a bachelorette party, either way I’m having one today and I must say I’m rather excited. I spent all day yesterday preparing for today and praying the sun would come out. My fingers are still crossed for no rain today. (I’m not sure what is worse, 45c heat or rain and grey skies?)
Any way, my darling mother and I have been busy bees in the kitchen and at 9.30pm last night we were baking cupcakes. My job was to decorate and she did the baking bit. (Between you and  me, I haven’t actually finished my job yet…. ooops!)
I also put together my sweetie jars full of retro sweets that I bought online. I’ve been so inspired by some of the weddings I’ve seen using massive jars of candy that I thought I’d do something similar on a smaller scale. I also made some labels using brown craft paper and prepared my movie night treats for my girls. My mum’s lounge has been decorated with hanging pom poms and I’ve stored my  vases of flowers by the fire place. (Mum says it’s cooler than the kitchen) All in all it’s been a productive few days and I wanted to share some of this with you….
My  first pom pom in the garden…

A sneak peak at tomorrows sweet treats…

My flowers by the fireplace…

and my movie night sweetie bags. I have a feeling my girls will LOVE these.

BTW if I had more time I’d be posting my ‘how to guides’ on all of this girlie stuff, but I don’t so you lovely people will have to wait until after the weekend for all the details. 🙂
Have a lovely day and I’ll report back tomorrow with lots more photos and hopefully a few stories 😉
Lots of love,
Joelle xxx

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