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The pre wedding pose | by Maria Sundin

For many couples posing in front of the camera, and looking blissfully in love isn’t something that comes naturally. It can be a little embarrassing, especially if you’re prancing around in a public place. Getting a few hours experience in before your big day, can make huge difference. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but who cares. Having a pre wedding shoot is awesome. It prepares you, and helps you discover the poses which suit your body, and you as a couple. It’s true what they say… practice makes perfect.
I really wish Nathan and I had orgainsed a pre wedding/ engagement shoot, but we ran out of time. Our busy schedules got the better of us, and we just didn’t get round to it. We did however have a one year anniversary shoot, which I absolutely loved. (although it was a little embarrassing when my neighbours started to watch lol.)  If you missed it, you can have a little look here – https://mylovelywedding.com/our-one-year-anniversary-shoot-my-family/
Anyway, what I was getting at is… having a pre wedding shoot is a must-have. It’s fun, it’s good practice, and it will make you a little more relaxed on your wedding day… when your striking a pose in front of your friends and family.  Dubai based photographer Maria Sundin has a lovely collection of couple shoots in her portfolio, and today’s couple are no different. They are just lovely. Vineet and Shaifali came all the way from Delhi to Dubai for their beach side photo shoot with Maria.
MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_2 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_4 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_5 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_6 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_7 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_10 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_11 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_12 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_13 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_14 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_15 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_16 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_17 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_19 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_21 MariaSundin_Vineet+Shaifali_Blog_22
I told you they were lovely!! 😉
If you would like more info on Maria Sundin please check out her website http://www.mariasundin.com/ or drop her an email at maria@mariasundin.com
Maria also has a lovely website and blog, which is rather easy to get lost in… just because she has some many beautiful photos to browse through.
Back tomorrow my lovelies…

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