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The Sexy Glam Look – Makeup by Monica

It’s that time again when I get to hand over my blog to the lovely Monica. Over the past few months Monica has created several different looks using every day products. No models, no fancy cameras… just good old makeup applied to her friend next door. It’s real… and that’s why I like it.
The Sexy Glam Look – Makeup tips by Monica {MHG Beauty Dubai}
And over to Monica…
So…..Let’s be sincere, who hasn’t wondered at least once how red lips would look on you, that is if you don’t already wear this stunning shade.
This is our third look and its focus is on….yes you guessed it, lips!
It’s important to know that everyone can carry a red lip the secret is in the shade you choose. Only MAC, to mention only one makeup brand, carries more than 10 shades of red with different finishes and textures, it can be matte, satin, lustre, to name a few.
Focusing on your skin undertone is a good way to choose the right kind of red that suits you. If you have a pink skin undertone wear cherry reds. If your undertone is olive go for bright engine reds and if your skin is dark, deep reds will look amazing on you.
Here is a cool tip in case you have never tried red lips and are still afraid to do so. Using the tip of your finger pick up a small amount of lipstick and dab it on to your lips starting at the center, blend it in to the rest of your lips just to stain them enough, then you can add a bit of lipgloss if you are into shine finishes. Next time, you can try going darker by adding a second layer in the same way until finally you feel comfortable wearing this incredibly flattering shade.
My favorite match for a red lip is a cat-eye liner; I think it just makes the look much more glamorous.
Now I leave you to our DIY video. Watch carefully how the lip liner is applied, this makes a huge difference in the final result.

Products used:
Skin: based on the Classic girl look, watch here.
Brows: based on the boho beauty look, watch here.
Highlighter: MAC soft and gentle mineralize powder
Eyeshadow: MAC limited edition lithe pigment
Eyeliner: MAC gel eyeliner in blacktrack
Lipliner and lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo
The Sexy Glam Look – Makeup tips by Monica {MHG Beauty Dubai}
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