The stressed and disheartened Dubai bride

Last night while I was watching TV, munching down a left over portion of lasagne and browsing Facebook all the same time, I came across some comments that grabbed my interest. A fellow blogger, one of the most well known and fabulous wedding bloggers of all time, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride” posted an emailed from a bride-to-be feeling stressed, anxious and dreading her wedding day. My heart sank and it brought me back the memory of those ‘bad days’ when I felt an overwhelming wave of anxiety  and pressure to plan the wedding of my dreams. It’s hard planning a wedding, it’s harder planning a wedding on a budget, and it’s also harder planning a wedding in a different country to your own.
This bride was fed up with no one taking her seriously, and the lack of interest in her wedding from family members was getting her down. I felt so sad for this girl who had thought planning her wedding would be exciting and a joyful journey, because it should be. You’re planning a wedding, it should be the best day of your life.
While the thought of the saddened bride-to-be carried me to bed, I got a message from one of the brides I’m working with. She’s planning her wedding for later this year, and I’m styling and organising decor for her. I’ve left the wedding to her and I’m sort of acting like a consultant from time-time. Actually let me rephrase that, I’m a friend who knows a lot of weddings. The title consultant sounds way too formal. Anyway at around 10.30pm last night I received a message on whats app that included more than one ‘sad face’ emicon. 🙁  I knew it was important so I replied immediately.
Lets call her Bride X. So Bride X had requested quotes from around four suppliers over the space of around 4-5 weeks. (I’d rather not give details if thats ok) Only one quoted a realisetic price, who then declared that she would not supply a sample without a confirmed order, which was hard for the bride to get her head around as she wanted to see a sample before making the order. Naturally. Bride X was then told that the supplier was to busy to proceed with the order, so it all fell through. That was disappointment number one.
Bride X  then met with the next two suppliers to discuss design details. She was clear about her budget and wanted something simple. However two days later she received a quote that was almost double her allocated budget.  It was in that moment that Bride X broke down and asked me for help. A disheartened bride with little faith in the wedding industry here. She felt like everyone was out to rip her off, quote her the highest price because Dubai is sometimes like that. Do you think we all live in this fancy bubble with buckets full of disposable income? Actually no, no we don’t. Yes, the average price of everything is higher than what it might be on the US or the UK but that’s because there is less competition and a much smaller industry.
So right now Bride X is disheartened and feeling fed up. Not only has been struggling with various suppliers but personal circumstances have added to the stress of planning her wedding. She asked for my help and with my creative skills and her flare for design we are going to ‘DIY’ it. It’s not a bad ending, it’s just not the one had planned for.
After two years of blogging, 100s of meetings with industry professionals, start ups and freelancers, I know understand that prices are higher, and I’ve come to terms with it. That’s actually why I love DIY, being budget savvy and thinking outside the box. Yes folks, decor can be done for less… you just need to be creative.
However this got me thinking. I don’t know if every industry person knows what the next charges… for example, does the Photographer quoting AED 12,000 know that F&B is costing the bride and groom a staggering AED 65,000 minimum spend? Yeah, it’s a lot… and I’m pretty sure most industry folk don’t know how much money they are spending on their big day.  It can be frustrating, and planning your wedding can be stressful. If a supplier is quoting too high then be honest, give them your budget and an realistic idea of what you want. Don’t ask your florist for a 1000 white rose centrepiece when you only have a budget of  AED 300. Seriously thats never going to happen. 
But listen up lovely brides, please remember that this is your wedding. It should reflect who you are, and be only about you and your future husband. There is no wrong or right, your wedding should be fun, and the planning should be a journey you take together, with or without your friends and family involved. So when times get tough and you’re stress levels rise, take a deep breath and remember why you’re getting married. Why you want to marry the man of your dreams….{If you’re getting married you should have 100s of reasons} 🙂
I promise it will be ok on the day. Have a little trust in the suppliers you hire, and remember that your supplier might be stressed, or have their own problems, or maybe have 5 brides all wanting 100 different things in the space of a week. Hence delays, etc etc… there are always two sides to every story. I’ve learned that a smile can go along way 🙂
So in the words of Ellen Degeneres ” Be kind to one another”.
And a little note to my Bride X… it will be OK. I promise. I know you’re going through a lot right now but it will all work out in the end. I know this because I will make sure of it. 🙂 Sending you a big wedding hug xxx

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