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The Traditional Running Order by Clare Ebbs

Wedding planner Clare Ebbs  is back again with a few handy tips on the traditional running order. ♥
Ask the person marrying you for a full order of service
You may to pose for these and have group photos taken outside your venue
A receiving line is losing ground to a more informal drinks reception to start the party, giving you a chance to have more photographs taken while the guests relax and mingle
As this is the first meal of your married life, it’s traditionally known as the wedding breakfast
There is no rule about when they should happen (if your speakers are nervous, the sooner the better) but they traditionally follow dessert in this order
Bride’s father (or the person giving her away)  This speech introduces the bride to the groom’s family, usually with praise and special memories, and ends with a toast to the couple.
The Bridegroom thanks the bride’s parents for their help and support.  It’s also an opportunity for any personal remarks he may wish to make about his new wife.  He ends by thanking the guests for coming and toasts the attendants.
The best man introduces the groom to the bride’s family.  He’s expected to tell funny stories about the groom, but these should not be too risqué.  He also reads out messages from absent friends and ends with a toast to the newlyweds.
This is announced by the best man or master of ceremonies.  The couple make the first cut, then it’s taken away to be sliced and served.
The couple takes to the floor.  The bride then dances with her father and the groom with his mother, then the bride dances with her father in law and the groom with his mother in la.  Guests join in at this point – it’s time to celebrate!

Thank you Mrs. Ebbs… and if you’re getting married in Dubai and need a wedding planner check out The Perfect Moment.

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