The ultimate green wedding… if you're a plant lover, then you'll love this!

Back in November 2018 we were lucky enough to help Tim and Yurie with their wedding at Magnolia, Al Qasr. We met the year before but didn’t step in until much later because they had already got the planning side underway and basically needed help with the on the day coordination and making the venue look pretty. The budget wasn’t huge, but that was fine because we got creative, focused on plants and put their budget into the things that would make a a bold statement, such as hiring wood cross back chairs from Party Social. It was the first wedding I styled that I didn’t use another flower company, so we decided to make the whole wedding all about the plants and it was epic! We added a few small jars and bottles of flowers to each table to soften the feel and with the brown Kraft venues, brown paper bags filled with fresh bread it just worked so well. I was so lucky that Tim and Yurie trusted me on the day and they basically left me to it.

This was the wedding that inspired me to go to London Flower School. I knew I could do it alone, I knew this was meant to be my next move. Because of this wedding I now have a whole new business. So if you’re reading this Tim and Yurie… thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Massive thanks to Maria Sundin + Abby for the beautiful images. 

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